Welcome to The Bonefish Flat

There's a stiff wind in your face as you squint in the sun trying to see what the guide sees. "Bonefish at 12 o'clock about 90 feet, do you see it, mon?" You don't and keep squinting, your hat pulled low to keep the sun out of your eyes. "Bonefish at 11 o'clock 70 feet out. Come on man, do you see it?" As the guide is calmly shifting the skiff into position, this time you spot the fish, "I got, it," you reply.

"OK, Mon, Bonefish 50 feet at 10 o'clock. Cast when you're ready."

Cast when you're ready. And with that you drop your fly, roll out a cast, false cast once, and then...

Welcome to the bonefish flat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Flats Fiction

As I sit in my chair looking out the window, I wonder about what life is like to be a saltwater fishing guide. Here's a glimpse of my thought:

It's 4:00 PM at night and I just dropped off my clients at the hotel and am trailering my boat back to my house in the keys. I get home and wash the boat and spend some time eating dinner with the kids. Once the kids are in bed, I start working on my gear. I tie up a few tarpon leaders for tomorrow and I get my rods and reels washed with some fresh water. I may even tie up a fresh fly or two. Probably a toad. I'm tired, so I crash.

It's 6:00 AM and I roll out of bed, grab coffee and hop in the car. It's time to do it all over again. As I drive to the launch, I look out the window and see a gorgeous pink sunrise. I'm a little sore from poling the boat into the wind yesterday, but my excitement builds.

I launch the boat and head out to pick up the days clients at the marina. I see myself driving my boat with a big smile on my face. It's 7:00 AM, I'm in a skiff, and I'm going tarpon fishing.

I hope you're going fishing today. Happy weekend from The Bonefish Flat.

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