Welcome to The Bonefish Flat

There's a stiff wind in your face as you squint in the sun trying to see what the guide sees. "Bonefish at 12 o'clock about 90 feet, do you see it, mon?" You don't and keep squinting, your hat pulled low to keep the sun out of your eyes. "Bonefish at 11 o'clock 70 feet out. Come on man, do you see it?" As the guide is calmly shifting the skiff into position, this time you spot the fish, "I got, it," you reply.

"OK, Mon, Bonefish 50 feet at 10 o'clock. Cast when you're ready."

Cast when you're ready. And with that you drop your fly, roll out a cast, false cast once, and then...

Welcome to the bonefish flat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lefty Kreh in the New York Times

I've had a chance to meet Lefty Kreh on a few occasions.  I live in Virginia, Kreh lives in Maryland, so he does several events in the area each year.  It's almost impossible to believe that he is 87 years old.  The is sharp as a tack and cracks jokes that you might hear at your favorite watering hole on a Friday night.

I can tell you that Lefty is a great guy, throw's a mean loop, and his favorite fish is a bonefish.  That puts him high on my list of favorites.

From a while back, an evening with Lefty.
If you want to learn more about this fly fishing icon, check out this article here by Chris Santella in the New York Times.  Chris has written several books including 50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die and is a really good writer.  The story is worth checking out.

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  1. A friend told me that Lefty held up seven fingers and asked, "What's this?" When my friend responded "Seven," Lefty held up his middle finger and said, "Seven days of this!!!" Sounds like a bad bonefishing trip!